Andreas Herzau spielt in der Wigmore Hall, London u. a. die Erstaufführung von James Stevens´ Werk “GUITAR”


    James Stevens about Andreas Herzau's debut at the Wigmore Hall in London on the 9th of February 1982


    I must write and tell you how thrilled l was with the performance by Andreas Herzau the other night at the Wigmore. This was the first time I have heard him play in concert though, of course, I know him by reputation have heard his records, but l was not prepared for the stupendous dynamic range, the variety of expression and tone colour, which greeted me and l have used guitar extensively in my scores. As for the way he played my own piece - this was quite extraordinary. He came up with a faultless interpretation technically immaculate and, what's more, played this difficult piece from memory. This was a great performance and the audience showed that they knew it.

                  James Stevens

                   London, February 1982